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I really enjoy helping clients begin with
the best idea forward. A strong mark should communicate clearly and be memorable.

Left: Symbol for the Kate Fisher + Daniel Swanson wedding. "Swanfish"

Middle: The Dallas Society for Visual Communication's Camp Wannadoodle gave kids something fun to do while parents attended meetings.

Right: MergeMedia is an agency that merges specialization in advertising, PR and special events.


Left: Double Happiness is an interior design company specializing in young married couples needing to merge their “stuff” together. Birds are a metaphor for these nesting couples and the subtle yin/yang symbol communicates balance and a successful merger.

Middle: Double T Beef is a grass-fed beef company. (Note the typographic horns).

Right: Zinn Embroidery


Left: A mark for the Montana Center for International Visitors (MCIV). This group needed an identity that spoke to having a “Montana experience” to the delegates planning their visits. The substitution of a compass for the spur suggests that communing with visitors from around the world will move you forward.

Middle: A wordmark for Urnique, custom ceramic urns.

Right: A lettermark for Kate Fisher.


Left: A hand-lettered logotype for Mosaic, a high-end fine dining establishment at The Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.

Middle: This identity is for Eric Pearle
Photography. Eric had to rent a special macro lens in order to shoot this photograph of a pearl. The result is a timeless mark that suggests Eric has a special way of seeing things.

Right: Political symbol for Montana Democrats. Obama's profile has replaced the facelike western part of the state.