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The Wild Crops series by Brad Oldham, features seven idiosyncratic, yet disarmingly charming mashups of food and animals—available in two different finishes, antiqued bronze or stainless steel. Each sculpture purchase is delivered in a fine pine wood box, with a collectible coffee table book, certificate of authenticity and a custom journal.

Pictured here are the conceptual photos which I shot and art directed, with considerable set design help from Michael Newhouse, and photo manipulation by Nikki Romero. I was looking for a "from the desk of a Darwinian botanist" feel.

pure sculpture photography

Pictured on the top left is the coffee table book for the Wild Crops Series.


Top right: Detail of the introduction spread. Wild Crops follow a long tradition of artworks that celebrate flora and fauna.


Next level left: Spread for the Temptation Apple sculpture.


Next level right: Another detail from the introduction spread with woodtype-style initial cap.


Third level: Turtleroom label detail.

Third level middle: Wild Crops Book spine.


Third level right: Detail of the typography design for one of the "toasts."


Bottom left: closing spread.


Bottom right: Contemporary spread for the Rhinobeet, with toasts and quotations.



pure sculpture photography