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still, life.
co-directed with Tania Khalaf
This short documentary follows two art students who spent their weekends picking up roadkill and photographing it for a photography project. What started as an idea for a class, became a meaningful way for them to express themselves and question how humans relate to animals.

This film screened at several major film festivals including Deep Ellum, Santa Fe, and San Francisco. It was a finalist at the UVFA Next Frame Festival and took the FIRST PLACE AWARD in documentary (short form) at the Austin Film Festival.



Good Bingo
My first short documentary captures the bingo-playing community at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Denton, Texas. Lula Serena and Peggy Shaver, two wise-cracking sisters, are our guides to this world of deep fried hot dogs and cash prizes.

Hot Springs International
Documentary Film Festival



Reversing the Odds
Director: Meta Newhouse
Graphics: Meta Newhouse
Editor: Liz Daggett
Camera: Jennifer Horst
Sound: Sarah Gibson

This short documentary shares the stories of three women who were brave enough to open up their 20-year-old cold case files. New technology and a more comprehensive nationwide DNA database gave them hope they might find the men who sexually assaulted them many years ago. Spoiler alert: DNA matches were made and some found their perpetrators were already in jail, and some found much more than they bargained for.

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival



George Tscherny: AIGA Medalist
This short documentary was made as part of
my MFA thesis. Mr. Tscherny graciously let me into his home, and the inner workings of his design mind. This film was made particularly
to complement lectures and assignments for graphic design courses delivered at the University level.



Nietzsche Fly
A philosopher fly channels Nietzsche, but with a modern- day spin. This 3-minute experimental film short mixes Flash animation, digital video, voiceover by Phil Hollenbeck and music by Dragonfly32.

Tambakos Int'l Student Film Festival

Other screenings:
Dallas Video Festival
Super Shorts International Film Festival
(London premiere, toured UK)
Best of the UNT MFA Documentary Program, (Taos, New Mexico)